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August 24 & 25, 2018

Building a Blockchain Future

Blockchain doesn’t just help social movements, it is a social movement. Let’s build the world in which we wish to live. Where diversity is not an afterthought and competition is replaced by collaboration.

Speakers Chosen for Quality

Voice of Blockchain is built from the bottom up. Build the best quality event possible, then figure out what we need to execute.  Too many events in blockchain are overpriced, lacking of quality, and dominated by paid content.

the Best Ideas in the World

Diversity includes ideas and geographies. Find out what places like Dubai, Singapore, Malta, and Zug are doing to be competitive in a global economy, reduce costs of services, and expel corruption.





This event was created to reclaim the Voice of Blockchain. Join us in bringing the LEADERS in blockchain, government, and business together with the VOICES to learn what is possible from the BUILDERS




Our speakers include Blockchain Icons, Vertical Industry Leaders,  & Heads of State attending to share best practices and shape the Voice of Blockchain.



Join over 100 Bloggers, Podcasters, and Youtubers the masses find when they first learn about blockchain. They will echo the message of the LEADERS.



The Developers, Entrepreneurs, and Artists actively working on growing the blockchain ecosystem in a positive way.  




Social Entrepreneurs & Lifelong Learners looking for better solutions to the world’s toughest problems. Future Thinkers who know we can build a better future.


Our Mission:


We strive to bring you exceptional content, access to leaders and voices, educatonal classes, and meaningful networking opportunities. We built the Voice of Blockchain around these guiding principles:

  • Put the right people in the room
  • Diversity is not an afterthought
  • Focus on the builders
  • Create opportunities to learn
  • Networking has a purpose

#BUIDL & They Will Come

In creating a quality experience we have designed our 6,000 capacity venue with a floorplan that promotes efficient networking, sessions bundled by topic, and live streaming booths for our Featured Voices like Daniel Jeffries, The Bad Crypto Podcast, and Facebook's Cryptocurrency Investing channel.

Crypto artists will be performing live and we have color coded badges to help you find the people you want to meet. The floorplan has 3 stages, the largest holding 2,500 guests seated! The projects are separated by their Track & subtrack to help you find projects relevant to your interests.



Innovation includes 9 large exhibition areas each dedicated to one of the sub tracks. Find the cutting edge ideas separated by industry vertical.

Healthcare * Supply Chain * Education * Gaming * Media & IP *Big Data * Real Estate * eCommerce * Smart Cities


Fintech & Markets

Chicago is a world leader in fintech & markets. Browse the large display area and hear from world experts on the sub track topics.

Security Tokens * Exchanges * Payments * Regulation * Banking * Token Economics * Insurance * Investment * Geo-competition 

Blockchain For Social GooD

This track is all about impact. How can blockchain fix the wrongs of society. These are the projects the world needs to see.

Civic Tech * Voting * Identity * Journalism * Social Enterprise * Future of Jobs * Renewable Energy * Philanthropy * Ethics



Created for the developers, technologists, and the futurists. Learn about Web 3.0 and what a blockchain future needs to become a reality.

Mining * Free Open Source Software * Protocols *Scalability * DAGs * 

Interoperability * Privacy * Cryptoeconomics * NFTs * Governance



Made special for developers, our BUIDL Academy validates your completion of blockchain programming courses ranging from beginner to specialized courses by our Academy partners including Enigma Protocol.  This is all made possible by Eazl, a Chicago based company that puts your certification on the blockchain AND displays the certificate on your LinkedIn. What better way is there to immutably show the boss why they should pay for your ticket!



Join our basic course if you have a background in development and are looking to be introduced to blockchain. We will discuss the orgins and purpose of the UTXO model in bitcoin. From there we will look at Ethereum. You will write a voting smart contract in solidity and deploy it on a test net! 


Our intermediate class is for developers that are familiar with javascript and Ethereum's programming language, solidity. We will take you to the next level with a more robust smart contract that will expand your solidity toolbox. Build an auction Dapp with web3 integration. 


These courses are taught by our BUIDL Academy partners including Enigma Protocol. As a developer in the blockchain space it can be difficult to stay on top of the many protocols being created. Our Academy partners will walk you through their design and tools leaving you with a takeaway to show off on your LinkedIn.

Blockchain does not just enable social movements, it IS the social movement.

Herb Stephens - Democracy.Earth



Early bird pricing ends 7/1. GA tickets will go up based on demand after 8/1.

by Chicago Blockchain Project

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Navy pier Location

Join us at Navy Pier, a Chicago Landmark. Festival Hall A 800 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA.

Chicago BlockchAin Project

Check us out! CBP is an entity with the goal of increasing the rate at which the world moves towards sustainability by building Chicago to be the blockchain capital of the world.

Our Team 

Find out more about the individuals actively working on Voice of Blockchain and Chicago Blockchain Project.