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Voice of Blockchain was originally envisioned in October 2017. It was based on the original concept that would become Chicago Blockchain Project. Incentivizing Collaboration. The idea was to collaborate on throwing a larger event than any normal meetup to show the world what members of our meetup were building. Each builder would contribute to the goal. The event would be an employee-owned event that would benefit all.

The caliber of the people we meet at any blockchain event is vastly different than any other community. Individuals must understand the relationship between elements to understand the emergent meta-effect the system will have on the world. This leads to a unique combination of skills and traits in those who believe in blockchain's undeniable potential. Many of the early builders were artists, cinematographers, and writers. These artists had a vision of our unknown future. That future was a more fair and equitable world, globally connected to share one set of facts as TRUTH.


Our belief is that blockchain will allow us to right many of the wrongs of society. 


Many people can believe the validity of the butterfly effect when they look to the past, though very few believe they can drastically change their future. The goal of Voice of Blockchain is our way of building the future in which we wish to live.

We hope to find value aligned partners ready to collaborate. To find more on our values, take a look into our team at


Here is a snippet from our Founder, Disruption Joe:



My goal is to help us move from the economic paradigm of competition to collaboration. We have the greatest incentive mechanism ever created in our hands and we will shape how it is used.

I believe it is in the interest of all mankind to help our neighbors. Without jealousy, but with desire. Without greed, but with competition. Without fear, but with enthusiasm. If this belief holds true, then every individual’s motive whether self-interest or benevolence is logically aligned to the same goal.

When the individual succeeds, so does the whole. We function together as a society. Throughout the history of the world, people have been driven to fear the others. To say “us” versus “them” rather than realizing we are all part of one connected society. The growing inequality of wealth in the face of poverty, homelessness, and war, tells me we could be better to one another. The class-based systems of yesterday are no longer needed. Open source software, cryptography, and game-theoretic incentive structures allow us the promise of a better future.


The promise of blockchain is rules without rulers.


We all have a choice.

“Us” versus “Them” or WE

Divided we are conquered. Together we rise.

I choose to make tomorrow better by bringing together everyday people and the cutting-edge innovations that will shape their future.

I created the Disruption Joe brand because of my personal interest in disruptive technology. Disruption referring to the innovations that are changing the world. Joe because it is my name, but also because of the way it was used in political theater. “Joe the Plumber.” “Your everyday Joe.” Many people have heard the term “disruption” in relation to business and technology. Not many people have been told how to best prepare themselves to handle the changes these disruptive innovations will bring. Many people will be put out of work. As innovators, it is our responsibility to find sustainable and humane solutions to this problem.


Education on technology and sustainability is vital to our pursuit of happiness.


Enterprises composed of many individuals often suffer from a misalignment of the goals of the individual and the goal of the organization. In the past, we have struggled with this problem. We did not have the tools to keep undue influence from prevailing through collusion. Decentralization is about distributing power in a way that gives the individual the free choice to opt out of a corrupt system. Investment in this new technology will come from the great enterprises of our time. They will invest in the promise of saving time and costs, and they will leave behind a generation ready and capable of decentralizing the power structures of the future. 

The lessons learned today will be applied en mass to the decentralized systems of tomorrow. Public blockchains will house the value that we assign to them. We will exercise our vote for governance by holding the currency we believe represents us as individuals. Our values will determine value. This digital evolution will guide our society in the direction of infinite sustainability.

This begins with educating the innovators and the enterprises on the benefits of blockchain technology. It begins with showing the world the power of collaboration. In doing so, we will decide the economy, politics, and purpose of future generations.


We will shape our own future.